As Twitter is a great way of keeping up to date with what people, parties and councils are doing and saying, here are a few relevant links (click on the appropriate logo):

Twitter logo - South Cambridgeshire ConservativesP  South Cambridgeshire Conservative Association

Twitter logo - Heidi Allen MP  Heidi Allen

Twitter logo - David Campbell Bannerman MEP  David Campbell Bannerman MEP

Twitter logo - Conservative HQ  Conservative Central Office

Twitter logo - Cambridgeshire County Council  Cambridgeshire County Council

Twitter logo - South Cambridgeshire District Council  South Cambridgeshire District Council

Twitter logo - District Councillor Simon Edwards  District Councillor Simon Edwards

Twitter logo - District Councillor Lynda Harford  County and District Councillor Lynda Hartford

Twitter logo - District Councillor Peter Topping  County and District Councillor Peter Topping

Twitter logo - District Councillor Ruth Betson  District Councillor Ruth Betson