Tories get County Council back on track

County Councillor Lina Nieto writes:

"We have just decided our new budget for 2019 / 2020.  While I recognise the financial situation is tight, we are doing much better than other councils across the country currently closing libraries and stopping services.

"We have...

  • Opened three new libraries and two new mobile libraries.
  • Increased investment in road maintenance (see below).
  • Invested in transforming the way we deliver services.
  • And to save millions of pounds, we're moving the County Council from Shire Hall.

Going in the right direction
"Yes, there is more to do, but we are going in the right direction, with every decision made being reviewed – if something doesn't work, we will reconsider our position.

"What matters is not just the amount of money a service has, but the way it is used.

"We are putting great emphasis on outcomes for residents and how best to achieve this.  Officers at the County Council work very hard to re-think the way they deliver services – it is not good enough to say 'this is the way we have always done things'.  We must question, review, innovate and trial new models – which is exactly what we are doing.

Highways and road maintenance investment
"Since I was elected in 2017, over 2,000 potholes have been repaired.  The percentage of roads resurfaced has been higher in comparison with other divisions.

"We are still a bit behind with footpaths – this is something I will continue raising in Council and making sure money is allocated for them.

"I have worked closely with officers and Conservative colleagues and I am glad to say that we will be investing £79m on major road maintenance.

Environment and sustainability investments
"The following investments will generate a return to the Council for us to put into front line services – and are also extremely good for the environment:

  • Smart Energy Grid a St Ives Park & Ride – £3.6m.
  • Babraham and Trumpington Smart Energy Grid – £15m.
  • Renewable Energy in Soham – £23.2m.
  • Re-negotiating our waste contract – saved almost £1m.

"We will be investing over £½m to introduce Open Access (self-service) technology to maximize the use of our library properties supporting the Cambs 2020 hub and spokes model, allowing us to extend the times libraries are open to our communities.

"And we've invested £36m in rolling out superfast broadband across the county

"All-in-all, a fine record."

A quick reminder: the County Council's responsibilities, at very high-level, are adult social service, children's services, education, highways, libraries and public health.


County Councillor Lina Nieto

Lina is County Councillor for Hardwick

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