Sir Graham Bright is Cambridgeshire's first PCC

Sir Graham Bright has been elected as Cambridgeshire's first Police and Crime Commissioner, beating Ed Murphy, the Labour candidate, two independents and representatives of UKIP, English Democrats and the Lib-Dems..

Although Sir Graham took the lead in the first round of counting, in Soham, with 23,731 votes to Ed Murphy's 17,576, it wasn't sufficient to give him the 50% majority required to avoid a second round of counting, which involved voters' second choice. Sir Graham was announced the overall winner at 5.30 pm today.

Each district was declared as it was counted, and in Huntingdonshire Sir Graham took first blood followed closely by UKIP's Paul Bullen. Sir Graham also won in East Cambs, South Cambs and Fenland.

Labour's Ed Murphy won in Peterborough with Sir Graham second.  Mr Murphy also won in Cambridge, beating the Lib Dems into second place.

And in taking the oath of office, Sir Graham vowed to hold police to account and get to grips with job.

First round results – entire county
      Ansar Ali, Ind - 12,706
      Sir Graham Bright, Con - 23,731
      Paul Bullen, UKIP - 14,504
      Stephen Goldspink, ED - 7,219
      Farooq Mohammed, Ind - 5,337
      Rupert Moss-Eccardt, LD - 7,530
      Ed Murphy, Lab - 17,576
Second round results – entire county
      Sir Graham Bright - 31,640
      Ed Murphy - 25,114

The turnout was 15.25%. Of the 91,495 votes cast, 2,892 (3.16%) were rejected, presumably because voters didn't understand the voting system

The South Cambridgeshire vote
Numbers voted 17,644. Rejected papers 711. Turnout 15.9%
First round results
      Ansar Ali, Ind - 2489
      Sir Graham Bright, Con - 5,196
      Paul Bullen, UKIP - 2,686
      Stephen Goldspink, ED - 1,104
      Farooq Mohammed, Ind - 645
      Rupert Moss-Eccardt, LD - 1,940
      Ed Murphy, Lab - 2,873

Second round results
      Sir Graham Bright - 1,687
      Ed Murphy - 1,433

  • The full results are listed on the East Cambridgeshire District Council's website.
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner's website.