New East of England MEP John Flack welcomed to the European Parliament

John Flack, the new East of England MEP, is one of two new Conservative MEPs to have taken their place in the European Parliament.

John and Rupert Matthews officially became MEPs on 5th June after they were announced by the Parliament’s President.

Mr Flack replaces Vicky Ford after she was elected as the MP for Chelmsford in last month’s general election.  At the EU he is the Regional Development Spokesman for the East of England.

He said: “I am incredibly proud to be representing the East of England at such an important time as we try to make the most of the opportunities leaving the European Union presents us.

"As an MEP, I will work towards achieving the best deal for my region.”

Mr Matthews is an author with 30 years' experience in publishing and broadcast media.  He replaces Andrew Lewer, who was also elected to the UK Parliament in the general election, as MEP for the East Midlands.

Rupert said: “The process of Brexit will be a demanding one and I look forward to playing a full role in gaining the best possible deal for the people of the East Midlands and of Britain."

Conservative MEPs continue to play a full part in the European Parliament, scrutinising legislation and defending Britain’s interests as we negotiate our exit from the EU.

NB  Under EU rules, John Flack, who was fourth on the Conservative list at the 2014 Euro election, was automatically elected as an MEP to replace the member [Vicky Ford] standing down.  The same apples to Rupert Matthews.


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