My say - Manas Deb

The parliamentary constituency of South Cambridgeshire includes the Queen Edith's ward - which is part of Cambridge City.

Like South Cambridgeshire District Council, it is having elections on 3rd May – our candidate is Manas Deb who is having another crack at winning the seat for us.

Here's what he has to say:

I am a chemical engineer and a local businessman. I live with my wife and son at the heart of Queen Edith’s ward in Nightingale Avenue, Cambridge.

I have been involved in serving the local community for the last 16 years. I have a track record of raising local social care issues and fighting for residents’ voices to be heard. I am passionate about making a difference in the community and if elected as a Councillor, through hard work, I will try to bring some changes into Queen Edith’s ward.

I deeply care for the older people in the community and regularly visit a care home in Queen Edith's to spend time with dementia patients and other old people. If elected, I want to see more affordable low-cost care homes for senior citizens.

I have been campaigning for the last two years as a Conservative candidate for the City Council and County Council elections. During these campaigns I have asked for measures to reduce traffic congestion around Hills Road Sixth Form College and Addenbrooke’s and to increase affordable parking spaces for the Hospital staff members.

Housing in Cambridge has become unaffordable for many. I am campaigning for low cost housing for teachers, nurses, young first-time buyers and care workers to mention a few.

Libraries are great places for children to visit. Whatever your taste in books, music and films, you are bound to find something worth borrowing in the library. There are books, talking books and DVDs of interest for children of all ages. I want to see more children use local libraries and for that reason, I feel strongly that Cambridgeshire should save local libraries.

The cherry trees and verges are part of the few residential characteristics that we are left with in Queen Edith’s Way and other streets, and the Lib Dem’s idea of building cycleway at the cost of cutting down 58 cherry trees and removing green verges is absurd and sad. I have joined many local residents in opposing these plans.

A community centre is an exciting concept where people can enjoy meeting different people from all backgrounds, making new friends and carrying out various activities; music, dance, sport, social support activities, coffee mornings, fundraisers for charities, child care etc. Queen Edith’s ward currently does not have a community centre for people from all backgrounds. So if elected my priority will be to work with the City Council to build one as soon as possible.