My say – Heather Williams

With the 2018 District Council election due on 3rd May, we thought it useful to begin a series about the candidates by the candidates – beginning with Heather Williams.

Heather is standing for The Mordens – as a result of the boundary changes which take effect from next May, it is one of the largest wards in South Cambs, covering the villages of Abington Pigotts, Arrington, Croydon, East Hatley, Guilden Morden, Hatley St George, Odsey, Shingay, Steeple Morden, Tadlow and Wendy.

Here's why she is standing.

"Like many, I've had my grumbles about things which need improving or changing.  It came to the point where I could continue to grumble or put myself out there, get involved and try to make a difference.
And here I am.  I got involved in the 2015 general election which gave me the opportunity to meet district, county and parish councillors and learn what an invaluable job all tiers of local government play in our everyday lives.
There was one thing that I kept hearing: 'How lovely – someone young'.  As this went on, I realised what a lack of involvement younger people were playing in local politics.  My generation was letting the side down and I decided to do my best to try and change this.
After all, decisions being made now will effect our communities for many years to come and I believe councils need to be fully representative to achieve this successfully.
But in order for this to happen, younger people need to put themselves out there and get involved.  I am trying to lead the way on this: 2018 will be the third time I have stood for election.  I have been painfully close to winning in the past and I'm hoping 2018 will be the year I am given the opportunity to serve the Mordens ward.

I am hardworking and passionate about helping, supporting and fighting for our local communities.  I wish to be a caring councillor and help constituents with the complexity of the council system – and if I can't help them then I will find out who can.
Next year I hope to be given the opportunity to play my part in a representational District Council and help to build the best future possible for residents of all generations."


Heather Williams

Heather Williams
Conservative candidate, The Mordens ward
South Cambridgeshire District Council election / 3rd May 2018
         7 Cockhall Close
         SG8 0RB

       07885 774 775

       Heather Williams



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