My say – Harriet Gould

With the 2018 District Council election due on 3rd May, we thought it useful to produce a series about the Conservative candidates by the candidates.

Harriet lives off Station Road in Gamlingay and is standing for the Gamlingay ward.  As a result of the boundary changes which take effect from next May, Gamlingay will be a single village ward, albeit represented by one District Councillor rather than two, as current, representing six villages.

Here's why she is standing.

"The trigger for my interest in local politics was our MP, Heidi Allen – the way she understands, represents and fights in parliament for what her constituents want and need resonated with me.

That’s what made me realise people can actually make a difference in their communities.  And it’s that point which fits in well with my personal belief: we are all custodians for our own place on this planet – we are here to pave the way for the next generation.

Another point which sparks my interest is the juxtaposition between new and old.  New buildings vs old ones.  New technology vs old.  New needs in modern life vs old needs of a bygone era.  The huge discrepancies between each one and the way one can either complement or destroy the other – depending on how we approach the matter.

Since I moved here, I have become increasingly fond of Gamlingay.  The people I have met seem to be as interested in the future of this historic village as I am.

I have reached the point where I feel Gamlingay and its residents deserve a progressive, co-operative and collaborative representative at the District Council to give Gamlingay all it needs to serve its residents.

I include in this an infrastructure reflecting the number of residents, safer roads, a larger range of facilities and more employment locally – and I'm itching to get my hands on the mobile phone signal problem!

This will be my first election.  And although, in honesty, it is daunting in some ways, this feels like one of those times when you have to rely on your instinct and get on with it.

I hope everyone in Gamlingay will support me on my mission."


Harriet Gould

Harriet Gould
Conservative candidate, Gamlingay ward
South Cambridgeshire District Council election / 3rd May 2018

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       Harriet Gould



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