My say – Barbara Kettel

With the 2018 District Council election due on 3rd May, here's the seventh in our series about the Conservative candidates by the candidates.

Barbara Kettel was a mathematics and psychology teacher and, towards the end of her teaching career, a lecturer in education, training and mentoring graduates on the prestigious Teach First programme.  She has an MA in Educational Management and has taken an MA in Missional Leadership.

She is standing for the Foxton ward – as a result of the boundary changes which take effect from May, Foxton goes from a two-village ward (Foxton and Fowlmere) to a ward covering five villages: Fowlmere, Foxton, Great Chishill, Heydon and Little Chishill.  "I aim to listen to concerns and do my best to ensure genuine local issues are incorporated in policies and future change strategies," she says.

Here's why Barbara is standing.

"I believe people matter.  I have put myself forward to help people living in rural villages have a say in their future and to help them build their communities as we all recognise our responsibilities in the political arena.

While appreciating the new boundaries have brought together five villages not previously seeing themselves as being linked, I will seek to recognise past links and to work with the new District Council for both the whole community and individual communities to represent your concerns and needs.

I am an active worker at Cambridge City Foodbank and active in several community groups through the work of Cambridge Community Church (C3) across the area.

I'm also involved in the steering group writing the Neighbourhood Plan for Stapleford (where I live) and Great Shelford, acting as Chair for the group which is looking at transport and traffic – useful expertise to bring to the new ward.

Transport and traffic is an area of major concern to me across South Cambs as decisions are made centrally with little obvious appreciation of the local needs or concerns.  We are living in insecure times and I believe we need to be seen to listen to the people who are affected by the events of these times.

My intention is to listen and understand the local issues and to be aware of how these can be brought to bear in the wider issues of change in South Cambs so each community can become stronger individually but also support each other.

I want to invest in each individual community and recognise the uniqueness of each village while also recognising we can have more impact on our future when we work together for the common good.

I endeavour to be the catalyst to make this happen."


Barbara Kettel

Barbara Kettel
Conservative candidate, Foxton ward
South Cambridgeshire District Council election / 3rd May 2018

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       Barbara Kettel


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