Conservative 2019 Election Manifesto

Get Brexit Done, Unleash Britain’s Potential

The manifesto sets out how a Conservative majority government would bring back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill before Christmas so that we can get Brexit done by the end of January and focus on the people’s priorities.

It also explains how a Conservative majority government that believes in a dynamic, market economy can invest in the people’s priorities like our NHS, schools and tackling crime. It includes a series of measures that will put money back in people’s pockets and help with the cost of living by reducing taxes and tackling high bills.  

The manifesto has a transformative agenda of investment in infrastructure, R&D and skills training. This is essential if we are to level up the whole economy and unleash Britain’s potential.

Measures in the manifesto include:

Cost of living

  • Triple Tax Lock will mean the rates of income tax, national insurance and VAT will not rise under a Conservative government. This builds on the Prime Minister’s announcement to raise the National Insurance Contributions threshold for working people, saving 31 million taxpayers around £100 next year.

  • £1 billion boost to childcare to increase the availability of after school and holiday childcare, giving parents more flexibility. The funding will go to schools and childcare providers to open up more options to families. Our ambition is for 250,000 more primary school children to get onsite childcare over the summer holidays.
  • Keeping the pensions triple lock, winter fuel payment and the older person’s bus pass - ensuring financial security for those in retirement.
  • Keeping the existing energy price cap and spending £6.3 billion on energy efficiency measures to cut fuel bills in 2.2 million homes - targeting social housing and fuel poor families.


Infrastructure and business

The ambitious programme for Government will include record investments in infrastructure, science funding and skills that will help to level up the whole economy and unleash Britain’s potential:

  • The manifesto announces £2 billion for the biggest ever pothole-filling programme, as part of our National Infrastructure Strategy.
  • Take the first steps towards a Right to Retrain with a £3bn for a new National Skills Fund. This will give individuals and small businesses the chance to level-up with high-quality education and training - opening up new opportunities for the incredible talent that is spread throughout the country.
  • This builds on other manifesto commitments to reduce the burden of business rates, and provide relief for music venues, cinemas and pubs.

The Conservative Party will ensure our economy is strong, allowing us to invest in the people’s priorities.


  • The Prime Minister has already committed £33.9 billion to the NHS by 2023-24, the biggest cash boost in its history.
  • Today we will go further to support our fantastic NHS staff on night shifts, as well as disabled and terminally ill patients and their families, by ending unfair hospital car parking charges for them.
  • We’re making 50 million extra GP appointments available, building 40 new hospitals over 10 years, and upgrading vital equipment like CT scanners and MRI machines, to improve early diagnosis.


  • We have pledged to reach net-zero by 2050 by building on our superb global reputation for action to protect the environment and tackle climate change.  
  • Today we are announcing a ban on exporting plastic waste outside the OECD, to reduce the environmental impact on the oceans as well as developing countries which do not have the capacity to handle it properly.
  • The manifesto confirms our new Office for Environmental Protection, and our own legal targets, including for air quality.

Backed by his Cabinet  the Prime Minister has made it clear that only a Conservative majority can get Brexit done to grasp the opportunities ahead of us.

All Labour have offered is more dither and delay with two divisive referendums in 2020, and a manifesto that would bankrupt the country.

In contrast, the Prime Minister pledged to bring forward the Brexit bill before Christmas,
so a sensible Conservative-majority parliament can get on with honouring the referendum result and finally leaving the EU.

With Brexit done, the Prime Minister will unleash the potential of the whole UK and deliver on people’s priorities. In the first 100 days, and during the election campaign, Boris Johnson has pledged the one-nation measures that will unite the country and inject a surge of confidence into the UK.

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