Comberton by-election – our local candidate

Electors in Comberton go to the polls on 21 November in a District Council by-election caused by the resignation of the Lib-Dem councillor.

The Conservative's candidate is local farmer Tim Scott, who lives in Green End, Comberton.

You can contact Tim on 07968 194 919 / 01223 263 434 /

Tim has lived in and around Comberton all his life – his family has farmed in the village for over 70 years.

His mother still lives in Comberton and he’s on the Comberton and Barton Parish Councils, has played football for the village and still plays cricket for the village club.

“Because I live and work in the village, I can see people and explore their difficulties before they become problems,” he says.

Tim is passionate about the countryside and the need to combine conservation and habitat management with the supply of good quality food at economic prices.

In 2011, his farm and countryside management was Highly Commended in the RSPB Nature of Farming awards.

Local support

Among the many local people supporting Tim are Malcolm Wright, Chairman of the Village Hall Trustees and former Chairman of Comberton Parish Council. “I’m supporting Tim because he’s a local candidate who lives and works in the village," says Malcolm.  "He’s also a Parish Councillor and I know Tim will do an excellent job for us on the District Council.”

Janet McCabe and Jean Bacon, both Comberton residents, are also supporters of Tim. “Tim is committed to the village and its environment and is very approachable,” says Janet. Jean added: “I was surprised to see there are only two local candidates. I’m pleased Tim is one of them – he’s so friendly and worth supporting."

‘Comberton does not need more development’

New housing is always a contentious issue, no more so than in Comberton.  Tim's view on this and other local matters is:

  • Strong support of the Comberton Parish Council's policy of no development in the village until flooding and sewage problems can be seen to have been solved.
  • Any affordable houses in the village need to be for rent rather than shared equity.
  • Traffic volumes through the village must be controlled – he promises to work to ensure any developments in the area have a limited impact on Comberton.
  • And on Comberton's perennial parking problems, Tim says if elected, he’ll work with residents, the Parish and County Councils to see what we can do to improve traffic flows and ease congestion.  “These problems really show why we cannot have more houses in the village."
  • With an elderly mother living in Comberton, Tim is very aware of the needs and small, often unseen, difficulties the elderly face.

Protecting Comberton's environment

"We all have a responsibility for protecting Comberton's environment and its rural character," says Tim.

"We are an important part of the green lung of the Green Belt around Cambridge – which is under threat.  The best way of saving it is to use fields for growing food and oppose unnecessary development.

"We must also defend the status of our village – there is no more room at the doctors’ surgery and we do not have the infrastructure for significant development.  In planning terms, Comberton is a ‘Group village’ – we have to resist the proposed change to a ‘Minor rural centre’ which will make it easier to build more houses."

SCDC – well run under the Conservatives

“Since the Conservatives took control of South Cambs District Council six years ago, it’s now really well run," says Tim.

"Voting for me on 21 November to become your District Councillor means you’ll have another strong local voice looking after your interests.”

Contact Tim on 07968 194 919 / 01223 263 434 /


Our picture gallery of Tim Scott...

1.  Tim Scott and Ivy.
2.  Tim Scott:  “We’re lucky to live in such a lovely village – we owe it to our children to see it stays like this.”
3.  With Malcolm Wright discussing village matters outside Comberton surgery.
4.  Tim Scott and Robert Cook, Chairman of the local Conservative group, in Royston Lane, Comberton.  Behind Tim is Tit Brook which floods the road after heavy rain, as other parts of Comberton also do, particularly in Foxs Way, Royston Lane, Swaynes Lane and parts of Barton Road..
5.  Tim Scott and Comberton County Councillor Stephen Frost at the Toft Road entrance to Comberton watching yet another driver hurriedly slowing when past the 30 mph sign.
6.  Green End, 10.39 am Thursday, 7 November 2013.  Do you have a solution to Comberton’s parking problems?  If so, please tell Tim Scott.
7.  “Instead of these school buses being parked up for the day in the layby on Toft Road, why aren’t they being used to take us into Cambridge?” asks Tim Scott.

Residents can cast their vote at the polling station in the Baptist Church, Green End, Comberton, between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm on 21 November.  Votes will be counted after the polling station closes.

A vote for Tim Scott is a vote for Comberton and its future interests.