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Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – November 2011

Writing from Strasbourg, Robert says that he is again extremely disturbed on the issue of the EU's budget, which for the 17th year tunning has not been approved by the EU's auditors.  He also comments on flexibility in the labour market, the seriousness of the bee, the EU's Global Adjustment Fund, water and a visit to Strasbourg by 47 students from Mildenhall College of Technology.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – September 2011 (1)

In his report this month, Robert Sturdy MEP says that now that the European Parliament is back from its summer hols, it seems as though many of his European counterparts must be amongst the happiest people on Earth.  It also covers:Counter-terrorism.Vicky Ford to the rescue.International affairs.What a waste.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – July 2011

As our minds veer towards summer, Robert Sturdy MEP says that you may be forgiven in thinking that work in the European Parliament is slowing down in anticipation of the upcoming recess – plus other matters that have cropped up in the European Parliament recently:Country of origin food labelling.Genetically modified organisms.The EU budget.Jeremy Clarkson?

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – June 2011

In his report this month, Robert Sturdy MEP talks about cucumbers and other matters that have cropped up in the European Parliament recently:The EU budget.The Brussels / Strasbourg trip.Corruption in sport.Back to cucumbers.