European News

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report - February 2014

This month, Robert Sturdy discusses air passenger rights, the EU’s Trade Defence Instruments, digital music and oral explanations of votes.  There's some good news and some less so – and he reminds us once again of the EU's amazing ability to waste time and money.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report - January 2014

One of the major agenda topics last week was the reform of the EU’s internal and external public procurement rules. While this topic may seem irrelevant to your everyday life, it is very important when it comes to the Government’s budget and your bottom line.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – December 2013

This Strasbourg session was fairly quiet compared to the previous session full of large funding packages and budget decisions. Most of the files voted on this week were smaller and for the large part uncontroversial.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – November 2013

The weather in Strasbourg this November was quite grey and dull, as were some of the topics we debated.  Nonetheless, there were a few important long term packages that were voted through during the session.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – July 2013

This month in Strasbourg there was a flurry of activity. This was partly due to the end of the Irish Presidency of the EU and the conclusion of several important dossiers, but also the arrival of a new member to our diverse, dysfunctional EU family: Croatia.

Robert Sturdy's Strasbourg report – May 2013

Another month, another Strasbourg session. But as MEPs and staff made the long journey down to the Alsace, something astonishing happened. What was that you ask? Well, the EU unanimously voted for the repeal of a wasteful and pointless Commission proposal.