Big SCDC election on Thursday

17 Conservative candidates are standing for election to South Cambridgeshire District Council this Thursday, 22nd May (plus the County by-election in Willingham & Over and the City's Queen Edith's ward) – please support your local candidate by going and voting for them. Polling stations are open from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm.

The wards up for election this year and the Conservative candidates are:

Balsham – Andrew Fraser (sitting member)
Andrew is the only candidate living in the ward.  "Being actively involved in all eight villages, I have a unique insight into what is happening and I am able to react quickly to local issues," he says.  "I supported SCDC's Local Plan, ensuring there cannot be wholesale development of our villages."

Bar Hill – Bunty Waters (sitting member)
Bunty is a long-time resident of Bar Hill and works tirelessly on behalf of all local residents.  "I care about the problems which residents have as their priorities – housing, rubbish, dog mess etc. I take action and respond immediately to requests for help," she says.

Bassingbourn – David McCraith (sitting member)
David has lived in Bassingbourn for 18 years and represented the ward for 10 years.  "I've worked on many important local issues including: ensuring SCDC’s local plan didn't include unsustainable new housing for the village, stopping two proposals for local traveller sites, keeping Bassingbourn Barracks open and ensuring Litlington’s wind farm proposal was rejected," he says.

Bourn – David Morgan
David lives in Monkfield Lane, Great Cambourne, and was District Councillor from 2006 to 2010 when he went to work abroad.  Now back permanently, he will, he says: "Work to provide value for money for our residents – and do all I can to stop housing being built on Bourn airfield."

Caldecote – Stephen Frost
Stephen was elected County Councillor for the ward last May and with that hat on has already been able to resolve the problem of the 'thumps' in Caldecote – they will be taken up and the road resurfaced next year.  "That example shows why there is a need for councillors to be on both District and County to drive forward joint initiatives – it can only help local residents," he says. Stephen is also this Association's Agent.

Cottenham – Lynda Harford (sitting member)
Lynda has a reputation for getting things done, for working with people to resolve issues and for taking a common-sense approach to problem solving.  "Being an active member of several community groups allows me to really listen to what people want and need, while engagement with officers at SCDC and other elected members allows me to influence council strategy," says Lynda.

Gamlingay – Adrian Dent
Adrian is the County Councillor for Bassingbourn and has already spotted several issues where being a County and District councillor will benefit voters locally.  "I will work on the very real concerns you have over speeding – it needs prioritising with the police; local affordable housing in suitable locations is another priority, as is ensuring good local businesses are able to stay in the villages," Adrian says.

Girton – Tom Bygott (sitting member)
Tom has been Girton's District Councillor since 2006.  "My priorities are to defend the village from overdevelopment, protect the countryside from urbanisation and preserve Girton’s rural character and way of life. We need a new bridge over Beck Brook to prevent flooding, to complete the new Girton Bowls Club on Wellbrook Way and green corridors and noise protection along the widened A14," says Tom.

Histon and Impington – Steven Mastin
Steven lives in Orchard Park, chairs the Community Council and runs his own small business.  "I’ve been campaigning for a long time to get the local shops up and running in our new community, and am very pleased these will open later in the year. I’m also working to get better broadband for local residents, as well as running road safety and other campaigns in Histon and Impington," says Steven. 

Linton – Keiran Wakley
At 20, Keiran is possibly the youngest candidate standing for election this year – but he already has the experience of being  Linton Parish Councillor.  "I'm dynamic and have a ‘don’t take 'no' for an answer attitude’ and will bring a young man’s eye to SCDC.  I'm particularly keen to see small-scale social housing for both the young and older generations – and we also need a safer A1307, as well as encouraging new start-up businesses," says Keiran.

Melbourn - Joshua Vanneck
Joshua is a Conservative in the small-government tradition.  "Val Barrett and her colleagues have done an excellent job in running South Cambridgeshire District Council, especially in these difficult economic times.  I would be honoured to join her at the Council and offer my business experience in helping to guide it through this period of austerity," says Joshua.

Meldreth – Julian Leigh
Julian has lived in Meldreth since 1997.  "Conservatives stand for prudent management of your resources and provision of excellent services," says Julian.  "My priorities are to encourage sensible, limited development in our villages to preserve and enhance the things that make them great places to live, and to ensure they receive adequate financial and practical support from SCDC."

Queen Edith's – Vince Marino (Cambridge City)
Vince is a long-term QE resident who is very keen the Green Belt around Cambridge is maintained. "I will be pushing for architecturally pleasing designs to new builds,"he says.  "I will also campaign for cyclists and motorists to have better respect for each other and work with Addenbrooke’s and neighbours on resolving the issues of parking on side streets."

Sawston – Raymond Matthews
Raymond is the only candidate in the Ward who lives in Sawston – he's lived there for over 40 years and, as a District Councillor of some standing, has aided successful bids for pedestrian crossings in Babraham Road and Link Road.  "I worked to obtain the new cycle crossing at the north end of the Sawston bypass and supported the District Council’s policy of upgrading council houses.  I also championed and gained grants for Sawston Cinema, the only youth-run cinema in the country," he said.

Swavesey – Sue Ellington (sitting member)
Sue is the only candidate in the Ward who lives in Swavesey – indeed, she's lived there for 'longer than I care to remember'.  "I have a very strong sense of the importance of developing community spirit and supporting the aged and vulnerable in our society," Sue says.  "Many residents want local accommodation so they can stay close to their family and friends – I therefore encourage affordable housing for local people."

The Shelfords and Stapleford – Ben Shelton (sitting member)
38 year old Ben lives in Forge End, Stapleton and is vice-chairman of Stapleford Parish Council and the highways committee chairman on Great Shelford Parish Council.  "Being a councillor is more than sitting on committees and attending meetings," says Ben.  "I like to visit residents and discuss their concerns face-to-face – listening to residents and parish councils is vital: they know what’s best for their villages and rely on me to represent their views at Council level to resolve matters for them.

Waterbeach – Sarah Smart
Sarah has farmed in Waterbeach for 30 years and worked as a parish clerk.  She opposes the proposed new town – "I support development on the built area of the barracks," she says.  "And, following the success of the first scheme in Waterbeach, I advocate a local connection for occupants of affordable houses."

Willingham & Over – Pippa Corney / SCDC (sitting member)
Pippa is another District Councillor who has lived in her village all her life.  "I am committed to delivering affordable housing for our children and grandchildren," she says.  "The B1050 is without a doubt a big issue and the only sensible option is a bypass – I will continue to lobby government at all levels to achieve this."

Willingham & Over – Peter Hudson / County Council by-election
Peter Hudson lives in Longstantion – the Division includes Longstanton, Willingham and Over.  "Each village has its own unique character and community," says Peter. "I live near the Northstowe Phase 1 site and drive the B1050 every day in rush hour traffic. I see how many trees and hedges are being destroyed – we need to ensure they are all replaced in due course. Traffic on the B1050 is already at the road’s limit and, unless we are careful, the additional Northstowe traffic will overwhelm it completely."

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