Conservative Policy Forum (CPF)

(The photos above show ALLISON PEARSON - renowned columnist and our Speaker at our 2019 CPF SUMMER SOLSTICE LUNCH - enjoyed by over 100 members; a very special occasion.

The CPF is a national Party group that gives members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. With almost 250 active groups across the country, a fantastic voluntary team and strong professional support from CCHQ, the CPF has a vital role at the heart of the Conservative Party. With a direct line to the Prime Minister's Policy Unit and Government Ministers, a programme of regular national policy discussions, members' surveys, video conferences with leading members of the Party and roundtable discussions at 10 Downing Street, its members have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.

CPF Members have played an important role in recent years, providing a number of ideas that have gone on to become Party and Government policy, and the work of its members out on the ground made a real difference to the outcome of the 2015 and 2017 general elections. There is a genuine recognition at the top of the Party that the views of members need to be sought and heard.

As we implement our Conservative manifesto and formulate our vision for the years ahead, it is as important as ever that we demonstrate how only the Conservatives will make the difficult decisions needed to secure a better and brighter future for Britain.

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The most recent CPF discussed the Post Brexit Economy; our imminent discussion will be:


SCCA Conservative Political Forum

Date:    Thursday, 26th September 2019
Time:    7.30 pm through to 9.30 pm
Venue:  COMBERTON VILLAGE HALL, Green End, Cambridge CB23 7DY

After the 2017 general election, the CPF led a Party-wide consultation into Conservative values. Now, with the election of a new Party Leader and new Prime Minister, CPF Centrally wishes to provide the opportunity to reflect again on who we are as a Party and how our values should be reflected in the policies that we seek to champion and implement.

The format varies from our usual briefing papers and we are asked to propose ONE Policy for each value.  Your thoughts and considerations will be focused around:


Freedom    We are committed to:

• liberty and democracy

• freedom of choice

• free speech

• strong national defence

• security and safety

• justice and the rule of law

• localism and limited government

• national sovereignty and patriotism


Responsibility    We are committed to:

• equality of opportunity for all

• social justice and fairness

• families and the vulnerable

• compassion and respect

• diversity and inclusion

• tolerance and openness

• honesty and integrity

• pragmatism and sustainability


Enterprise    We are committed to:

• leading internationally

• supporting a responsible free market economy

• living within our means

• delivering and obtaining value for money

• education, aspiration and empowerment

• social and economic mobility

• local communities

• being forward-looking





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